Eco Wood Panels - Ash

Vwalla's 100% real, sustainable & eco-friendly wood panels look great on walls and ceilings alike! Transform your ordinary-looking walls, bed... Read more


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How many boxes do you need?

Each box contains 10 panels of 118×12.8cm/46.45×5in, and can cover 1.5m².
We've added 10% to cover for cuts.


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Transform your walls in just 3 easy steps!

Skip the contractor and transform your boring old walls into impressive feature walls.


Plan & Measure


Apply Adhesive


Adhere to Wall

No noisy and messy wall hacking required!

Give your walls a new lease of life

Have a stubborn, problematic wall, ceiling or surface that needs covering? Vwalla Eco Wood Panels are the perfect solution to hiding any imperfections.

Covers Water Stains
Covers Wall Markings
Covers Aged Walls

Great on almost any surface

Apart from bare walls, Vwalla Eco Wood Panels can also be laid on top of existing tiles, wood, metal or concrete.

Concrete / Metal

Vwalla Eco Wood Panels vs Vinyl Wood Panels

See how Vwalla Eco Wood Panels stack up against Vinyl Wood Panels.

 Vwalla Eco Wood Panels are lightweight and will stay on your walls for a lifetime.
 Vinyl Wood Panels pop or peel after time as there are heavy and were never designed to be installed onto walls.
Natural wood textured grains make each Vwalla Eco Wood Panel unique and impossible to replicate in artificial, man-made vinyl materials.
The wood grains present on Vinyl Wood Panels look and feel nothing like the real deal.
 Vwalla Eco Wood Panels were made easy to D.I.Y. Just remove the adhesive tapes and adhere to your wall!
 Without proper training and skills, installing Vinyl Wood Panels on your own may lead to un-evenness or seam issues.

There's no better feeling than doing it yourself!

Vwalla's Do-It-Yourself concept allows for fun group activities and gives users a sense of achievement when they complete their home improvement projects.

Fun & challenging group activity
An irreplicable sense of achievement

Frequently asked questions

We've crafted this section to answer many of your frequently asked questions. Click here to view the full FAQ.

▼ How many wood panels are there in a box?

There are 10 wood panels in a box.

▼ How much area can 1 box cover?

Each wood panel is 118x12.8cm (l*w) in size, 1 box can cover approximately 1.5m²

▼ How many panels/boxes do I need for my wall?

We've created a simple calculator for you, it is located near the top of the product page.

▼ What kind of varnish do you recommend?

▼ How long can Vwalla Eco Wood Panels last for?

With proper installation and maintenance, you can expect them to last a lifetime. You can clean the panels using a wood cleaning liquid.


Vwalla's 100% real, sustainable & eco-friendly wood panels look great on walls and ceilings alike! Transform your ordinary-looking walls, bed boards, kitchen counters, and even ceilings with Vwalla Eco Wood Panels. Go with 1 color, or mix it up before arranging them in your desired pattern. You can place them horizontally or vertically, or even opt for a geometric or herringbone pattern!

  • Easy to install (Just Peel & Stick!)
  • Suitable for walls & ceilings
  • 30 Days Free Returns
  • 1 Year Manufacturer's Warranty
  • Free Delivery for orders above S$200


Sustainable & Eco-friendly
Made to last a lifetime
Shock-proof and safe for children
Easy to clean & maintain
Volumetric properties provide diffusing characteristics of acoustic energy
Can be laid on top of existing tiles, wood, metal & concrete


          Vwalla Eco Wood Panels are easy and non-messy to install. Check out the easy installation steps here!
          Vwalla Wall Panels are designed to be assembled by you. That way, you save the most money. Check out the easy installation steps here.

          However, if you need an extra hand, we can provide installation service at your home or workplace. Find out more information by clicking here.

          Getting us to put it together can be a real time-saver!
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