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Why Vwalla (Product Tab - 3D Wall Panels)

Transform your walls in just 3 easy steps!

Skip the contractor and transform your boring old walls into impressive feature walls.


Plan &




to Wall

No noisy and messy wall hacking required!

Give your walls a new lease of life

Have a stubborn, problematic wall, ceiling or surface that needs covering? Vwalla 3D Wall Panels are the perfect solution to hiding any imperfections.

Covers Water Stains
Covers Wall Markings
Covers Aged Walls

Great on almost any surface

Apart from bare walls, Vwalla 3D Wall Panels can also be laid on top of existing tiles, wood, metal or concrete.

Concrete / Metal

Wall Panels or Wallpaper?

Both Wallpaper and Wall Panels are a stylish, creative way to add depth, texture, and colours to any space. So, what are the main differences between the two?

Up to 3X longer lasting than traditional wallpapers.


Vwalla 3D Wall Panels are made of 100% Pure PVC that do not turn yellow over time.


Vwalla 3D Wall Panels are resistant to Singapore's high temperature and humidity that causes wallpapers to peel at corners and seams.


Unlike wallpapers, Vwalla 3D Wall Panels are 100% Waterproof, making them easy to clean and maintain with a wet cloth.


Unlike wallpapers, you will not need to worry about air bubbles or seam issues when installing D.I.Y-friendly Vwalla 3D Wall Panels.

There's no better feeling than doing it yourself!

Vwalla's Do-It-Yourself concept allows for fun group activities and gives users a sense of achievement when they complete their home improvement projects.

Fun & challenging group activity
An irreplicable sense of achievement

Vwalla vs Plant Fibre Panels

See how Vwalla Wall Panels stack up against Plant Fibre Panels.

 Vwalla panels are robust & keep their shape.
 Others - Edges get mangled easily during transportation & installation.
 Vwalla panels are sturdy & shock-resistant.
 Others - Easily dented, causing irreversible damage.
 Vwalla panels are 100% Waterproof, making them ideal for installation in wet-rooms or external facades.
 Others - Absorbs water, causing them to soften and get ruined. Not suitable for wet-rooms & external use.

Cost of a Feature wall in Singapore

Price based on a wall measuring 6m² 

Cost of a feature wall in Singapore

Feature wall price comparison in Singapore 

Here's a price breakdown comparing the different price points of various feature walls. Vwalla is proud to offer you the most cost-effective feature wall option available in the market today.

Average Cost (psf)
D.I.Y Friendly?
Fluted Wall Panel
Marble Feature Wall 
Brick Feature Wall
Vwalla 3D Feature Wall Panel
Cement Screed Feature Wall
Wood Panel Feature Wall 
Painted Feature Wall 

Frequently asked questions

We've crafted this section to answer many of your frequently asked questions. Click here to view the full FAQ.

▼ How many panels are there in a box?

There are 12 panels in a box.

▼ How much area can 1 box cover?

Each panel is 50x50cm in size, 1 box can cover 3m²

▼ How many panels/boxes do I need for my wall?

We've created a simple calculator for you, it is located near the top of the product page.

▼ What kind of paint do you recommend?

We provide a spray painting service. If you wish to D.I.Y, we recommend Nippon Vinilex 5000 for indoors.

▼ How long can Vwalla 3D Wall Panels last for?

With proper installation and maintenance, you can expect them to last in upwards of 15 years.


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