With the festive season fast approaching, consumers are in a rush to spruce up their living spaces to give their houses a holiday look.

Vwalla wall panels have been endorsed as the ideal installations this festive season for their cost-effectiveness, fun DIY activity, and ease to mount. Kenneth Tan and Ckay Loh, co-founders of Vwalla say that their company was established to make home improvement easy, affordable, and fun, adding that they have 25 designs available now and more are coming in the future.

Vwalla can transform boring and dull-looking walls into stunning feature walls and works of art, making them a perfect choice for the holiday season. According to them, the 3D wall panels are perfect for home improvement installation, as one does not need a contractor; the panels are easy to install, and are a DIY bonding activity for the whole family, as well as being cost-effective. 

"Vwalla saves customers a great deal. The company was established upon realizing that consumers were being charged exorbitant prices for home renovation and improvement works, not to mention the mess and time involved,” adding that they wanted to offer a fuss-free and cost-effective alternative to consumers looking to enhance their living spaces, especially at a time when most have been spending more time at home.

“Not only that, Vwalla's Do-It-Yourself concept allows for fun group activities and gives users a sense of achievement when they complete their home improvement projects”, said the co-founders giving people an idea for a fun DIY activity they can do during the festive season.

To celebrate the recent launch, Vwalla is offering 50% off your 2nd box of DIY wall panels from 5 December 2020 – 3 January 2021. 

Looking Ahead
Looking ahead to 2021, Vwalla looks to take on more retail and corporate projects, such as to elevate the interior of a cafe to achieve 'Insta-worthy' status, or to enhance an office workspace to inspire creativity.        


About Vwalla
Vwalla is a startup located in Singapore. Its mission is to make home improvement enjoyable and affordable. With its do-it-yourself (DIY) 3D wall panels, one can transform the interiors of a living or working space, as well as exterior facades with a dash of grandeur and life for a timeless look. Vwalla believes in uniqueness, distinctiveness and accessibility through sprucing up modern interiors and décor with a personalized and minimalistic approach.

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